By Time, Indeed, mankind is in loss

By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience. Sura Asr

Fact: Prophet PBUH said that the life span of my ummah will be between 60 – 70. That means the end is getting nearer and nearer… amazingly quicker than we think! And when things get closer to the end acceleration is greater….

Many of those who passed away today died younger than you and I – it’s  time to get serious about things that really matter. The journey is very long and lonely and next stop after death is waking up on the Day of Judgment! Subhanallah!!

Early warning has already come in the form of aches and pains… this means get ready to meet Him! No point in denying the eternal truth – might as well get prepared with whatever time is left in our hands.

The life of this world is nothing but mata’al ghurur… Allah wants – nothing short of complete submission in return for Jannah (Sura Tauba 111).

Doctors can tell the cause of death, not the purpose of death. Purpose of death relates to purpose of life itself- Allah has created us so He can test us. He has given us wealth, children, identity, freedom…. All of this will be taken away soon and what will remain is our deeds and nothing but our deeds. Nobody says in their death bed – I wish I had spent more time in my office. If you are praying janazah on someone and if you ask that person – what does he/she want – they wouldn’t reply – I want to spend more time at work or my business.

Time is running out! Two angels are recording each and every split second of our lives, without bias or favor. Every word that comes out of the mouth is recorded. This will be displayed on DOJ. Sura Takwir. Not an atom’s weight of deed will be missed. Two angels will be driving us on the DOJ – one will force us and drive us to Allah and another will carry the book of record. Sura Qaf. If the book is heavy eternal bliss… if the book is light… the Fire will be our eternal companion. Sura Al Qari’ah. “Read my book” Sura Haqaa. Giving the whole world away in ransom will not save us from the fire if Allah’s mercy does not encompass us… therefore we must seek His forgiveness TODAY, not after death. (Sura Ma’arij)

Some practical steps:

  • Pray every salah as if this is our last prayer. First question we will be asked will be our salah on the Day of Judgment. This will be a one on one meeting with the Creator. Part time Namazi are bound for hell and also occasional namazi’s. “Pray as you have seen me pray” –  Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Nafl prayers will make up for any fard prayer missed.
  • Doubts..? is there really a Day of Judgment? Will we be raised up again? This is enough to kill your iman — hellfire is for doubters.
  • Is Akhirah our primary concern? If not, don’t be surprised to see little up there. People will say “I wish I had sent more for this life” Sura Fajr
  • Be debt free. A soul will be hanging if he / she has debt. Make firm plans to clear them and do it today.
  • Make the last days the best days in terms of ibadah .. increase quality not quantity.
  • Understand the message of the Qur’an.. The Qur’an will come as a person on Day of Judgment and will be a witness for us or against us. Translation of the Qur’an does not equal the Qur’an.
  • Allah will forgive everything except association of partners with Him. Understand what it means to associate partner. A person’s own self can be an “ilah” in terms of the fact that this is what he/she listened to and obeyed, defying Allah’s commands. Sura Furqan 43
  • Daily du’a – read Sura Mulk before sleeping every night – this will save from the torment of the grave. Sayyidul Istighfar every morning and evening.
  • Try and focus on deeds that have multiplier effects.. like if we bring another person towards Allah’s Deen whatever good that person does will be recorded in our account “Who is better in speech than the one who calls people to Allah ?” Sura Hamim As Sijda. . Feed the poor and needy. There is so much emphasis in the Qur’an for feeding the needy and taking care of orphans. Any deed must meet two conditions to be accepted: done only for the sake of Allah SWT and done according to what has been shown to us by the Prophet PBUH. One prayer in Masjidul Haram equals one hundred thousand elsewhere. Lailatul Qadr ibadah equals that of a thousand months. Fasting day of Arafah (not for Haji’s), Fasting Ashura expiates sins of one previous year and one year after. Hajj and Umrah. And on and on.
  • Ask Allah that He does not give us sudden death
  • Wudu before going to sleep – for this may be the last sleep!
  • Ask Allah that He does not keep us bed ridden and dependent on others
  • Seek refuge from Allah from the evil of old age “su al kibr” – make this du’a every morning and evening. Only a few years ago I was discussing this dua with someone I know – he woke up one morning for Tahajjud, and died during Sujood.
  • Pray that Allah makes are Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah our last words. “If a person’s last words are Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah, Paradise will be guaranteed for him.”
  • You want to know if you have made it or not? As soon as the angel of death (and he doesn’t come alone) arrives you will be notified if you passed or failed. The soul will be dragged out in much pain if failure (Sura Naziat) and pulled out in ease if successful. Alas! We don’t see any of it!

 Allah knows best.

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