Will We Be Raised Up Again?

We “trust” science due to its nature of providing empirical evidence behind the discoveries. However, the very nature of science is – continuous research, and sometimes, in fact many times, new theories come up that prove the old theory incorrect and obsolete. While we are accustomed to relying on what we can see, hear and touch, there are many things that we neither see, nor hear or touch. But we know they exist.

If there is a design, there must be a designer. If there is an architecture there must be an architect. If there is a building, there must be a builder who built it. If there is a drone in the air there must be a remote controller. We all believe Allah created the Heavens and the Earth – — so does everyone else even the polytheists believe there is one god who is supreme among the 33 million. Survey would reveal there are more people in this planet who believe in a supreme God than those who don’t. It makes sense that everything in this universe is being controlled by SOMEONE, who has power over everything. Islam has been perfected with the coming of Prophet PBUH, and this is what Allah requires from us – following the path of the Messenger.

No one denies death — we see people dying in front of us every single day. What we have doubts about is raising up after death – the bones rot, the flesh rots (the closer to the ground the corpse lies, the quicker it decomposes) — who can give life to this dead body again? If we knew for a fact that we will be raised up again after death — we would think twice about ignoring the commands of Allah. If we have doubts about it — maybe, may not be, perhaps, not so sure, since no one has seen resurrection – our lifestyle will be no different than an atheist. Raising up again implies accountability, book of deeds, answering to Allah.

Would our belief in resurrection change if there was a way to actually see people rising from graves? Of course, yes, but that would defeat the purpose of the TEST. Man has been created with intellect: with brains. And this is what he / she will be tested on. A being that has been created from dirty water and whose name was not even mentioned just a few years ago — brings about so many justifications, logic, reasoning, arguments!

There is purpose behind creation of the Heavens and the Earth. Allah gives logic – are you more difficult to create than the Heavens? Look in the sky – do you see any fault? Look at the camel how it was created – look at the sky how it has been raised up. Surely, He who created first time can create you again!

The Qur’an warns, over and over again, about a Day that people will be raised up again. Prophets (peace be upon all of them) have warned over and over again – this life is for a short period only; a test and we shall all return to our Creator one Day. Allah wants to see who the best amongst us in deeds is. Some accepted the prophets, some rejected outright, some wanted proof, some wanted to see Allah with their own eyes. Some ignored and went on with their own lives. Where do we fall?

On that Day, the book of deeds will be presented, which will contain every action that we have done in this world, along with our intention behind it. Every word that we have spoken is recorded.

“And the record [of deeds] will be placed [open], and you will see the criminals fearful of that within it, and they will say, “Oh, woe to us! What is this book that leaves nothing small or great except that it has enumerated it?” And they will find what they did present [before them]. And your Lord does injustice to no one.” Sura Kahf

What we call “me”, is actually the soul that has been inserted into our bodies. With death, the soul will leave the body, to Jannah if deeds are good, or torment if deeds are bad. The appointed time for the soul to depart the body will come, to each one of us that is reading this, and then we will land in either a Jannah or the Fire.

The reward for following the path of the Qur’an as shown by the Prophet PBUH is eternal bliss, in a place called Jannah. For those who reject the unseen — severe punishment awaits them in Hellfire. And even in this world there is constriction in life.  One of the worst punishments in the Hereafter is the fact that there will be no death. No amount of imploring will bring us back to this world to do more good deeds. No amount of pleading will give us one more second to live when the angel of death arrives. The time to act is now. The time to ponder — why I was created and what is the purpose of my creation and how I should lead my life is TODAY. Time is limited – the heart will beat only a certain number of times – that’s the way it has been programmed.

Had Allah willed, He could have made us creation who follow the guidance willingly – He did not. He gave us the freedom – plus brains and conscience to think. Everyone will see Allah on that Day but being a worshipper of Allah and fearing Him without seeing brings a status that can only be attained by not seeing Him.

So sad, we don’t read the Qur’an. When we read, we don’t understand. No doubt there is benefit in reading — but who reads ANY book without understanding? Why do we behave like this with the Qur’an and with no other book?

And Allah knows best.

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